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Make the batter the night before and fry them in the morning, or fry them the day before and warm before serving.

Having some overnight guests for New Years?  Here’s one of my favorite easy-yet-elegant breakfasts: crepes.  The batter and filling (and even the crepes themselves) can be made in advance, and they can be dressed up in any number of ways.  You can easily offer several options of filling to please different tastes.

Don’t think you’ll be up to frying crepes first thing New Years Day?  They keep well—just fry them in advance, pop the whole stack into a ziplock bag, and refrigerate up to a couple of days.  Reheat for about thirty seconds on each side in a hot skillet or a few seconds (no more than ten on high) in the microwave.

The trickiest part about crepes is getting the skillet temperature just right.  Too hot, and they will have a coarse, pebbly texture; not hot enough, and they will not be as tender and flexible as they should be.  It usually takes me a few crepes to get it just right, but you know what?  The ‘duds’ are still tasty—just eat the evidence.

It’s even easier to make up a filling in advance—then, you need only assemble the crepes the morning you plan to serve them.  The fillings I use most often are cream cheese, ricotta cheese or cottage cheese, depending on what I have to work with.  The cream cheese goes especially well with stronger flavors, such as apple or pumpkin butter, while the ricotta is good with delicate flavors such as pear.

Ricotta cheese filling, just add crepes.

The filling can really be anything that you want it to—whipped cream and a pile of fresh fruit work well, too.


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Homemade Orange Syrup

So, let’s see… So far, we’ve looked at a way to enjoy citrus fruit, and a way to enjoy citrus zest. How about citrus juice? (After all, we’ll want more peels for candying, since we zested some.)  Of course, fresh-squeezed orange (or grapefruit) juice does not need any special destination (other than my belly). But, with seasonal festivities ahead, this is another way to enjoy it that also makes a good gift idea, or a welcome addition to a holiday breakfast.


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Ready-To-Eat Citrus

Welcome to Citrus Week here at Month of Sundries (otherwise known as: Five Ways to Make Your Kitchen Smell Awesome).  I almost always make candied orange and grapefruit peels to give as gifts this time of year, and—as you will soon see—there are a lot of interrelated activities that can go with that.  First of all, before you even get to the peels, there are the (oh, so tasty) insides to deal with.  This can mean scooping out the fruits or squeezing them for juice.  Today, we’re all about the scooping.

There are lots of ways that one might use the citrus, once it’s been scooped out (or sectioned)—tarts, salads, salsas, or even adding a fruity kick to a savory main course.  But my favorite way to enjoy it is as a simple but delicious fruit cocktail—just stirred up with its own juice and a little sugar.

Scooped citrus is something that I associate especially with holiday breakfasts, but I often make it during the winter months.  There’s something wonderfully decadent about enjoying citrus that has already had all the work done, even if I was the one who did all the work!


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