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Harvest ChiliWhen the weather begins to turn cold again, I get a hankering for all those cold-weather dishes that I haven’t had in a while.  Today, with great, wet snowflakes falling outside between freezing raindrops, is certainly crying out for chili.  Fortunately for once, I was ahead of this particular weather trend.

While we were still enjoying warm sunny days during the past week, I was plotting ways to use up a whole mess of end-of-season peppers. And one of my favorite things to do with a big, unruly pile of assorted use-it-or-lose-it produce is to throw it all into my largest pot, with a bunch of spices, and let it simmer for about a half a day.  (See where the cold-weather bit comes into the picture again?)

Anaheim, Poblano and Cherry Peppers

Start with a Big Mess o' Peppers


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