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Candied Grapefruit

Here we are at last—the big day. We’ve looked at sectioning citrus, and zesting citrus, and making luscious citrus syrup. Now, finally, we’re ready to candy all those peels that we’ve saved (well, not the ones that we zested, but stick around and I’ll even show you a bonus way to use those—tomorrow).

Candied citrus peels are one of my favorite holiday confections (and quite popular among my list of recipients). There are a lot of steps involved, but as candy making goes, they’re relatively easy—you don’t even need a candy thermometer. I use the recipe found in The Fannie Farmer Cookbook, with only very minor alteration.

The hardest part is saving enough to give as gifts!


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Ready-To-Eat Citrus

Welcome to Citrus Week here at Month of Sundries (otherwise known as: Five Ways to Make Your Kitchen Smell Awesome).  I almost always make candied orange and grapefruit peels to give as gifts this time of year, and—as you will soon see—there are a lot of interrelated activities that can go with that.  First of all, before you even get to the peels, there are the (oh, so tasty) insides to deal with.  This can mean scooping out the fruits or squeezing them for juice.  Today, we’re all about the scooping.

There are lots of ways that one might use the citrus, once it’s been scooped out (or sectioned)—tarts, salads, salsas, or even adding a fruity kick to a savory main course.  But my favorite way to enjoy it is as a simple but delicious fruit cocktail—just stirred up with its own juice and a little sugar.

Scooped citrus is something that I associate especially with holiday breakfasts, but I often make it during the winter months.  There’s something wonderfully decadent about enjoying citrus that has already had all the work done, even if I was the one who did all the work!


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