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Caramel Apple Wedges

Honeycrisp apple dipped in caramelHere’s one of my favorite tricks for a quick treat on Halloween (or anytime I get the urge): Caramel Apple Wedges.  Three ingredients—caramels, milk, and apples; scale according to need.

Unwrap the caramels, and put them in a microwave-safe dish (I use one of the kind that has a lid for easy storage).

Caramels and Apple

Add about 1 1/2 tablespoons of milk per dozen caramels.  Microwave on high for 30 seconds, then stir, microwaving for 20 seconds at intervals to soften.

Stirring partially melted caramelKeep stirring and microwaving until smooth.  Keep the microwave times short—you don’t want the milk to curdle or the caramel to burn.

Cut apples into wedges, and serve with caramel to dip.  My favorite eating apples lately are Honeycrisp.  I like a tart, crisp-textured apple, and these (as their name implies) are nice and crisp, but they are also juicy and full of flavor, and not (despite their name) too overly sweet.

On second thought, don’t worry about a lid; storage isn’t likely to be a problem!

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