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Z (Tool Use): A zipper

From: Tool Use

Within just the last century, the zipper has become one of the most ubiquitous technologies in the modern world.

Don’t think so? Next time you’re bored, try counting them all.

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Y (Vintage)

From: Vintage

Yesterday waits for tomorrow to come; Tomorrow, on calling, found nobody home.  Today had appointed to meet them both here, But yesterday fled, as tomorrow drew near.

 (Both the “Y” and tile floor texture are details of the historic Criterion theater, Bar Harbor, Maine)

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X (Tool Use): Scissors close-up

From: Tool Use

Expect the un-expected, and you won't be disappointed.

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W (Monumental)

From: Monumental


With the invention of written words, humanity found a way to lend the permanence and solidity of stone to that most ephemeral of human realms, Thought.

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Cobblestone Beach

click for desktop wallpaper (iPod and iPad wallpaper below the fold)



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